Ideal for birthdays, parties, groups, work night outs, or as part of a corporate adventure day.

* Squirrel - 1.5m off the ground, this course is built on poles and involves 14 cute obstacles. Ideal for small children as well as adults who like to keep their feet near to the ground - includes Swoop
* Barn Owl - perched 4.5m - 5m directly above Squirrel, Barn Owl has 14 more challenging obstacles - includes Swoop
* Swoop - the 'power fan' - climb to 8m and then whizz back to ground level
* Red Fox - cunningly venturing into Leanachan forest, this clever course starts with a short zip, and the 15 obstacles are built high into the trees
* Wildcat - you'll need to be agile to complete the hardest of the courses, these 14 obstacles will challenge you to the limit, and a 100m zip wire, will whizz you out of the forest back to the base.

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Voucher valid for two summer seasons, usually May - Oct. All activities are weather permitting