Gaelic Policy for Nevis Range


You will have noticed that The Nevis Range Ski Centre now uses bilingual signs in Gaelic and English. This is part of the national initiative to support the usage and acquisition of Gaelic in Scotland. All the Scottish Ski Centres are located on hills with Gaelic names recognising the importance of Gaelic to each area. At Gleann Sìth (Glenshee) in the east is Glas Maol (bald grey hill) and An Càrn Bhalg (The Cairnwell - hill of bags) and at An Leac (The Lecht) Càrn Mhic an Tòisich (Macintosh’s hill) and Beinn a’ Chruinnich (hill of the gathering). An Càrn Gorm (CairnGorm - blue hill) has Coire na Ciste and Coire Cas, the coire of the casket and steep coire. Skiing at Monadh Nibheis (Nevis Range) takes place on An t-Aonach Mòr (the big ridge) and in Coire Dubh, the dark coire. Gleann Comhann (Glen Coe) skiing is on Meall a’ Bhuiridh (hill of roaring) mainly within Coire Pollach, the muddy coire...

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